Meeting 21/02/12

Thank you all for attending our meeting yesterday, I thought it was really productive.  I have completed a short term, medeum term and long term plan based on many of the aspects thrown up by the exercise we all completed. Have a look: ICT Digital Media Update 21 02 12 . I really thought that comments about linking Faculty development plans and individual development to the ICT equipment that we choose was really important, I think we need to be very considered rather than reactionary about purchases.I also have highlighted visits and staff training as a real priority. Keep letting me know of what you would like to see and where.

Thanks John for your e-mails about GCSEpod, perhaps we should forward this to Lisa and the RAP group as something we could get in place asap.

Rob I’m going to look at picassohead sounds fabulous. Do you necessarily need a full suite of computers to access this – what alternates may work? Could these go into the Faculty ICT/Digital media plan? Can you find time to show me boardwalks and MyWorks, I love the idea that it provides feedback.

Keep feeding me and encouraging others to let me know of sites we subscribe to and completing the survey. And again Thank you for such a lot of effort at a very (when isn’t it?) time!

Don’t forget to look at BrainPop (Colin does science just subscribe for their subject?) :

Username: bett2012
Expiry date: 29th February

Use of mobile phones in classrooms

A couple of questions about what the network will look like:

1) Will personal equipment such as Net-books and phones be able to access the network or have Wi-Fi access?

This would have positive benefits such as pupils checking emails or homework without having to access a computer

2) Does the benefit of pupils using phones in the classroom, such as a dictionary app, outweigh the issues arising?

3) Scanning through the document ‘ Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults who Work with Children and Young People’

sent out by JF. Chapter 28  it states ‘This means that adults should: • ensure that children are not exposed to unsuitable material on the internet


How will this document impact on allowing pupils to use personal phones or netbooks with 3G?

Faculty ICT/Digital priorities


Just got back from a meeting with John and Phil about ICT and the new build. They have asked us to come up with a WOW ICT learning resource for our Faculty zones. Can you discuss this with the faculties and see what ideas are out there? Some people may need some ideas of what is out there, I will keep putting ideas on the BLOG and Video in the Digital Day folder.